• Brenda K. Rood

Has God ever provided a Boaz in your life?

Ruth 2:8-9 Then Boaz spoke to Ruth: “Listen, my daughter. From now on don’t go to any other field to glean—stay right here in this one. And stay close to my young women. Watch where they are harvesting and follow them. And don’t worry about a thing; I’ve given orders to my servants not to harass you. When you get thirsty, feel free to go and drink from the water buckets that the servants have filled.”

In Ruth 2:8-9, God uses this story and Boaz to reflect some of His fundamental characteristics of protection and provision. Boaz is protecting Ruth from the dangers of gleaning in the fields and the dangers of being a woman. Boaz protected Ruth from dangers in the field and put measures in place for her to be safe. In addition, Boaz wanted to provide for her well being and gave clear instructions to allow her to quench her thirst during the hot days.

This was a time of trial for Ruth. She had lost her husband, her land, her traditions, and her security. This was not easy work to rummage through the field for the last bits of good grain. It would not be a life that someone would choose, but in some ways, Ruth had chosen it. God provided protection through Boaz. He provided provision of food, safety and for her needs in the form of water to drink during the hot day. This was not a time of Ruth thriving but a time of struggle and hardship.

In thinking in these terms of struggle and hardship, it is hard to choose only one time that God has shown up to protect and provide in my life. I am blessed with a wealth of choices struggles. In December 2015, just before Christmas I lost my job. I was the primarily bread winner for our family. This was difficult as I wasn’t sure what this meant for our family and wrestled with a lot of issues around my identity. In June of 2016, my husband lost his job and I still hadn’t found full time work, as I made a choice to start a business. Instead of choosing to live in fear, we made the choice to depend on God’s provision during this struggle. This was a time that God protected me from my fears. It was amazing that when we didn’t know how to make it through the month, money continued to show up to pay our bills. We lived until December 2016 with little to no income and God provided. We were able to continue to contribute to meet our campaign commitment at church. We did not live in fear and still were able to create fun experiences for our family. This was in a time during struggle that I leaned into God and grew in our relationship with him. There is no way our family could have gone through that time without God’s hand on us, protecting us, and providing in more ways than we could have imagined. I find gratitude in my struggles as I know just as Ruth had Boaz, God has put things in my life to protect me.

When has God provided a Boaz in your life? Take sometime to reflect and give thanks!

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